The Imitation Of Reality 

A few weeks into our relationship and it was Thursday. We had planned a little date on Friday; just having some fun at the theme park. I had taken a day off from being the escort that I am. After he picked me from my house, he started driving in the opposite direction. I asked him about that and all said was to stay calm and he had something to say and ask me. I was getting nervous thinking that he knows about me; about who I really am. 

He drove to the beach, got out of the car, opened my door, held my hand and went down on his knees. A kind of seriousness on his face that I had not seen before. He asked me a few things about my opinion on our relationship and if I’m happy. Of course I said yes but then he asked me ” do you think you’ll be happy to move in with me “?. I was so overwhelmed and happy. I was blushing and kind of forgot to breathe for a while and passed out. 

As I opened my eyes, I saw his face right above me- grinning at me. Embarrassing! But he didn’t tease me. We were already at the theme park sitting in the car. I forgot all about going to the theme park. Still blushing we got out of the car and started walking towards the entrance. He said I passed out in the middle of talking and he wanted to know my reply. That’s when I remembered I had not yet answered me. I said yes before he could finish talking.

I was over the top joyous and on cloud 9. We had a great day at the theme park, late lunch and then it was time to go back home. As soon as he drove away after dropping me, a kind of sadness surrounded me, not because he had left, but because I could see that he was a great guy and I felt bad lying to him. 

The following day I spoke to my friend about this and he helped me to use a mind difference solution for my problem. He said ” look, I don’t know how to be and expert but you should seperate the escort from Andy(the real you). Leave the escort behind in that apartment you work from and just be Andy. Andy fell in love, not the escort. Andy isn’t hiding anything, the escort is”. I felt better after hearing this and from then I started to think less about the escort in my personal life and more about myself. Yes! I became selfish. I didn’t want to lose the only guy I had feelings for.

Josh I started looking for houses. I was so excited. And then we found the perfect home for us both.

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Xx Andy

The First Date

The day of our first date was here. I was looking at myself in the mirror every 5 minutes and wondering if he was as nervous as I was. I was expecting a knock on the door within the next half hour. I was pacing from one side to the other of the living room and trying to think of things to talk about. And then there was the knock. He was early!!!

I was now sure that he was as eager to see me as I was to see him. I opened the door with a smile. We didn’t really have big plans; casual dinner, walk on the beach at night and hot chocolate later on. And then he handed me a little gift bag and a sigle rose. This was more than what I had expected. I thanked him and we headed on.

The conversations just began rolling in as soon as we started talking about our dreams and ambitions. I was really having a good time with him.  And then we got on the subject about our current life. I liked everything he was telling me about himself. The night went better than planned. We ate together, laughed, joked, took photos, danced, made fun of each other’s cars, watched the sunset together, wrote stuff in the sand at the beach and most of all, we were happy.

For a moment I had forgotten that I was a high profiled courtesan. On our way to the last stop- the chocolate store for the hot chocolate that we had planned, I felt like I was running out of time and that I should tell him how I was feeling.

So I started with a “hey sorry, I don’t want to beat around the bush…” and ended with a “I really like you”. To be honest I was not sure about what his reaction to that would be but surprisingly, he was very calm and gentle. He said “you know I like you too right… that’s why I’m here tonight and yes I was always looking forward to seeing you each week as well”. I didn’t know what to feel at that time; embarrassed because he noticed that I was trying to stalk him or happy that he was happy with me?

And just like that we became a couple. We saw each other every day for the next two weeks and then on a very beautiful Friday morning he asked me a question which made me very confused but excited…

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Andy xx

The light at the end of the TUNNEL

Five weeks had passed. There was no progress in talking to the guy in the blue shirt. Every time I tried talking to him, I would get the same feeling I got when I saw him first time. I’d start sweating hearing my heart beating against my chest.

In the sixth week, my friend understood that what I was feeling for this guy was real. My friends name is Dale and he is a very different type of  a character. He lives his life freely and and goes wherever the wind takes him. Just like a free bird. Dale had an idea but he wasn’t willing to tell me “you wouldn’t agree” he said.

As mentioned earlier, I have zero tolerance for alcohol. Dale knew this. With my previous experience, that is taking drinks from people, I was really cautious. But Dale was a friend and I knew he wouldn’t do anything to harm me. He got me some drinks which I obviously thought were non-alcoholic but they weren’t. I did not know it was alcoholic until I started feeling all this courage suddenly to go and talk to the guy in the blue shirt, the bartender. Dale’s idea was working.

It was closing time by that time and I managed to find the bartender easily. With so much courage in me, I asked him for a dance and he said yes. It was kind of like a Cinderella story. We danced for at least two hours and but it felt like just five minutes.I had to leave so he came to drop me outside to my car. I asked him for his number but he said he’ll find me on a social media platform and then give it to me. I thought that was unusual and I was also worried that he might not have liked me. With the hopes that he will find me I left.

By the time I got home it was already 5:30 AM. Being an early riser most of the time I didn’t want to sleep so I got into bed and opened my laptop. I saw a notification but I didn’t bother to look at it so I started looking for movies to watch. I got bored really quickly looking for movies so I looked at the notification and it was a request to be a friend from the bartender. His name is Josh. Instantly there was a smile on my face.  As soon as I accepted his request, he sent me a message which included his phone number. So then I decided to play a game with him. I sent my phone number with the last digits missing and I told him to find me.

He found me within 30 seconds which kept making me feel like we are made for each other. But I didn’t want to get my expectations so high because I didn’t know anything about him. I was asking him questions about his life; what he does? Where he lives? And the main one, is he in a relationship? We messaged each other all day and I got to know more about him. I was very happy with what I was hearing. I felt like that the day had ended sooner than it should have. On that night we decided to meet, our first date. The date was set for two days later and I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to wait. Patience is a virtue. I learned that in school and have always followed. So I waited and waited and waited…

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Andy xx

A Date With Reality

Bright lights, two faces peering down at me, and a beeping sound. I slowly opened my eyes and saw my manager together with his friend sitting beside my bed. I woke up in a hospital. That is when I found out what had happened to me. 

My manager told me that the client had drugged my drink. He was taken by police and that he had admitted everything that he had done straight away. I was in the hospital for one whole night and was discharged in the morning. I was really angry and scared, both at the same time. 

After getting discharged, my manager and his friend took me out for lunch. We talked about what had happened. He assured me that I need not to worry and that the client will not bother me again. I didn’t press any charges on him due to the fear of being exposed. I took some time off to digest what had happened.

Three days later and return back to work. More cautious of anyone who called me and tried to meet me. During the three days off I learned the harsh reality of life.  Life isn’t always strawberries and cupcakes, it does throw lemons at you and you need to make a lemonade out of it. 

My started becoming more normal as the days passed. I started going out with friends again and on one particular night I saw someone. I didn’t exactly see his face. It was in a bar and he was holding a tray.  I figured he was a bartender. As much as I tried, I couldn’t see his face. He was tall, curly hair, good built and in a rush. And then he disappeared into the crowd. 

The following week, I went back to the same bar in the hope that he was a bartender there and that he’d be there again. I was right and he was there. I met one of my friends at the bar and he was introducing me to someone. As soon as I saw that “someone”, I knew that he was the guy I had come back to that bar for. I had never seen him before. His angelic face took over my heart. Suddenly all the noise disappeared, I could hear my own heartbeat, I couldn’t stand straight because my legs were getting wobbly and I had butterflies in my tummy.  Something was different about him. 

I want to tell him so much that I had been feeling different for the past week since I saw him and that he was making me feel different but all that came out of my mouth was “HI”. He served me some non-alcoholic drinks and went back behind the bar. From the corner of the bar I was looking at him, wanting so much to talk to him, to know him but the butterflies in my tummy wouldn’t let me. The night ended and I asked my friend if the bartender that he had introduced me to, worked there every week? After confirming that he did, I couldn’t wait until next week arrived…

Was I able to talk to him? Did we have something or could we have something together? Keep following my blogs to know what happened next. 

Andy xx

Lesson No. 1: Gates of GREED

The first few months were great. I was getting paid really well. I had a large client base. The number of regular clients I saw each week kept growing. I was very popular… THIS made me very COMPLACENT. But this wasn’t what took me down. 

The girl who I initially started working with had to go out of country with a client on a business trip. I was working alone that week.

I received a phone call for a one hour booking with a celebrity client. The only condition was that there would be absolute discretion. The booking was for an out call appointment. This is something that I don’t normally do without being accompanied by the girl who I started working with. Initially, I told the agent that I would only see the client at my apartment. But then he offered me $3000 for the one hour booking.

Greed got to me very quickly. I was happy thinking about all that money that I was going to make in that one hour. So I got ready and headed to his hotel. I told my manager that I was going to do a booking in a hotel and he was a celebrity so there will be no records in our books. I also gave him the details of the hotel including the room number.

Upon arrival I met a very handsome gentleman who seemed very nice. He greeted me very nicely and offered me a drink. I told him that I have zero tolerance for alcohol and he respected that. He then handed me an envelope which had the money in it. I checked it and he had already put in a tip of $500. 

I put that money into my bag and locked it. We then sat down and started talking. He got me a glass of orange juice. I took a sip of it and felt something unusual in my throat. To clear it, I took a gulp of the drink and set the glass down.

Within seconds the whole room was spinning for me. I was gasping for breath. I could hear my own heart banging against my chest. I could see every vein on my limbs popping with the pressure. He started coming closer to me and I tried to push him away. He was too strong for me but I gathered myself and enough strength to take my bag and lock myself in his room. I slided down in a sitting position trying to hold my weight against the door. I took out my phone from the bag and texted my manager, “HLP”, meaning “help”. 

I sat there trying to keep my eyes open… weird thoughts started coming into my mind. Things like if I’m going to hell or heaven? Am I dying? What will my parents do or say if they found out what I was doing? Can I become a ghost? If I did become a ghost, will I be able to take revenge from people that had done me wrong?

To find out if my manager reached me in time or if I did recieve the money that put me in this position in the first place, keep following my blogs…

Xx Andy

Shake it, Take it and Fake it

I arrived in a very nice apartment which looked more like a hotel room. Silk bedsheets, open balcony and the girl who was supposed to “teach” me.

She explained to me the basics – How to greet? How to welcome? How to start? And what to do to make him come back? One of the rules I learned on the very first day was to shake it, take it and fake it. And then the time arrived for me to see my first client. I will never forget him. He greeted me and came into my room. 

It started. I was disgusted by his looks, the way he touched me and the way he looked at me but I knew I needed it. He was on top of me and I was staring at the ceiling. I felt a tear running down the side of my temple. I quickly wiped it before he saw it and we carried on. The only question on my mind at that time was “what have I gotten myself into?”. Soon, it all ended and he was in the shower getting ready to leave. He asked a few things about me and I told him. Of course, not everything that I told him was true. With a kiss to my cheeks and a promise that he’d visit me again, he left. 

It was then that I looked at what he had paid me. He paid me three times more than what I had advertised for. I was very surprised. I was so happy to see all that money that I forgot how disgusted I felt. On that day I saw three more clients. After the day ended, I counted all the money that I made. It was more than a whole week’s of normal pay from my part time job and I had made all that in one day. I was happy.

As the days passed, I became better at being “Andy”. Soon, I was the most popular escort with the fastest growing client base and reviews. I seperated myself into two different people- Andy(the girl in the bedroom) and the real me. It became easier to forget the real me as aoon as I started my day in that apartment. 

I was able to pay some of my debt off. I was happy about that. I was contributing in the household expenses as well. Andy became the most desired girl because she followed that very first rule : SHAKE IT, TAKE IT AND FAKE IT

But it was all about to change soon…

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Xx Andy

From the very BEGINNING

For the very first time in my life, I have been able to talk about my life openly. Maybe because I’m sitting behind a screen and telling the whole truth without the fear of anyone judging me while looking straight at me and making me feel transparent. In any case, I am glad that I am finally starting this.

For the purpose of discretion, I will call myself Andy. I was one of the popular kids in school, not because I had a bad record, but because I was great at everything that I did. Everyone knew I had a bright future and they were right. Because of an excellent record, I was offered scholarship to do a bachelors degree in business in one of the well known institutes. Everything was great until a few years ago. I got myself into a lot of debt.

In October of 2013, I was consumed by depression. I started looking for a second job. With only a few spare hours in a day after full time university and a part time job, I had to look for something convenient and fast. My search landed me on a website which was unfamiliar but looked promising. I saved my details on the site and went to bed.

The next day my life was going as usual until about 2 PM when I received a phone call. I didn’t know about the company that had called me and because I was in a rush we quickly fixed up a meeting for the “Interview”.

The day for the interview finally came and it was set up in a cafe. I should guy in a suit was waiting for me. Upon arrival the first thing he said to me was “wow you’re beautiful”. I took that as a compliment and sat down.

Without wasting any time we got onto it. He asked a few questions about me( I was surprised about his interest in me) and then I asked about his company. Well, you can imagine it was a shocker for me when he said bluntly “The product is you and it’s up to you to decide how much you want to earn each day”.

I was shocked but at the same time I knew I had to pay off my debt. I told him I’ll sleep on it and let him know. Overnight I keep thinking if it was right. I remember that he said you “have to create a fake personality” and ” think of it as that other personality is doing the job and not you”.

I called in the next day and agreed to a photo shoot. Within a week my advert was ready. I had a look at it and with money on my mind I started my first day.

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Xx Andy