Shake it, Take it and Fake it

I arrived in a very nice apartment which looked more like a hotel room. Silk bedsheets, open balcony and the girl who was supposed to “teach” me.

She explained to me the basics – How to greet? How to welcome? How to start? And what to do to make him come back? One of the rules I learned on the very first day was to shake it, take it and fake it. And then the time arrived for me to see my first client. I will never forget him. He greeted me and came into my room. 

It started. I was disgusted by his looks, the way he touched me and the way he looked at me but I knew I needed it. He was on top of me and I was staring at the ceiling. I felt a tear running down the side of my temple. I quickly wiped it before he saw it and we carried on. The only question on my mind at that time was “what have I gotten myself into?”. Soon, it all ended and he was in the shower getting ready to leave. He asked a few things about me and I told him. Of course, not everything that I told him was true. With a kiss to my cheeks and a promise that he’d visit me again, he left. 

It was then that I looked at what he had paid me. He paid me three times more than what I had advertised for. I was very surprised. I was so happy to see all that money that I forgot how disgusted I felt. On that day I saw three more clients. After the day ended, I counted all the money that I made. It was more than a whole week’s of normal pay from my part time job and I had made all that in one day. I was happy.

As the days passed, I became better at being “Andy”. Soon, I was the most popular escort with the fastest growing client base and reviews. I seperated myself into two different people- Andy(the girl in the bedroom) and the real me. It became easier to forget the real me as aoon as I started my day in that apartment. 

I was able to pay some of my debt off. I was happy about that. I was contributing in the household expenses as well. Andy became the most desired girl because she followed that very first rule : SHAKE IT, TAKE IT AND FAKE IT

But it was all about to change soon…

Keep following my blogs to find out what made me lock myself in a room for two days.

Xx Andy

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An escort, a girlfriend, a daughter and a sister.

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