Lesson No. 1: Gates of GREED

The first few months were great. I was getting paid really well. I had a large client base. The number of regular clients I saw each week kept growing. I was very popular… THIS made me very COMPLACENT. But this wasn’t what took me down. 

The girl who I initially started working with had to go out of country with a client on a business trip. I was working alone that week.

I received a phone call for a one hour booking with a celebrity client. The only condition was that there would be absolute discretion. The booking was for an out call appointment. This is something that I don’t normally do without being accompanied by the girl who I started working with. Initially, I told the agent that I would only see the client at my apartment. But then he offered me $3000 for the one hour booking.

Greed got to me very quickly. I was happy thinking about all that money that I was going to make in that one hour. So I got ready and headed to his hotel. I told my manager that I was going to do a booking in a hotel and he was a celebrity so there will be no records in our books. I also gave him the details of the hotel including the room number.

Upon arrival I met a very handsome gentleman who seemed very nice. He greeted me very nicely and offered me a drink. I told him that I have zero tolerance for alcohol and he respected that. He then handed me an envelope which had the money in it. I checked it and he had already put in a tip of $500. 

I put that money into my bag and locked it. We then sat down and started talking. He got me a glass of orange juice. I took a sip of it and felt something unusual in my throat. To clear it, I took a gulp of the drink and set the glass down.

Within seconds the whole room was spinning for me. I was gasping for breath. I could hear my own heart banging against my chest. I could see every vein on my limbs popping with the pressure. He started coming closer to me and I tried to push him away. He was too strong for me but I gathered myself and enough strength to take my bag and lock myself in his room. I slided down in a sitting position trying to hold my weight against the door. I took out my phone from the bag and texted my manager, “HLP”, meaning “help”. 

I sat there trying to keep my eyes open… weird thoughts started coming into my mind. Things like if I’m going to hell or heaven? Am I dying? What will my parents do or say if they found out what I was doing? Can I become a ghost? If I did become a ghost, will I be able to take revenge from people that had done me wrong?

To find out if my manager reached me in time or if I did recieve the money that put me in this position in the first place, keep following my blogs…

Xx Andy

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An escort, a girlfriend, a daughter and a sister.

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