The light at the end of the TUNNEL

Five weeks had passed. There was no progress in talking to the guy in the blue shirt. Every time I tried talking to him, I would get the same feeling I got when I saw him first time. I’d start sweating hearing my heart beating against my chest.

In the sixth week, my friend understood that what I was feeling for this guy was real. My friends name is Dale and he is a very different type of  a character. He lives his life freely and and goes wherever the wind takes him. Just like a free bird. Dale had an idea but he wasn’t willing to tell me “you wouldn’t agree” he said.

As mentioned earlier, I have zero tolerance for alcohol. Dale knew this. With my previous experience, that is taking drinks from people, I was really cautious. But Dale was a friend and I knew he wouldn’t do anything to harm me. He got me some drinks which I obviously thought were non-alcoholic but they weren’t. I did not know it was alcoholic until I started feeling all this courage suddenly to go and talk to the guy in the blue shirt, the bartender. Dale’s idea was working.

It was closing time by that time and I managed to find the bartender easily. With so much courage in me, I asked him for a dance and he said yes. It was kind of like a Cinderella story. We danced for at least two hours and but it felt like just five minutes.I had to leave so he came to drop me outside to my car. I asked him for his number but he said he’ll find me on a social media platform and then give it to me. I thought that was unusual and I was also worried that he might not have liked me. With the hopes that he will find me I left.

By the time I got home it was already 5:30 AM. Being an early riser most of the time I didn’t want to sleep so I got into bed and opened my laptop. I saw a notification but I didn’t bother to look at it so I started looking for movies to watch. I got bored really quickly looking for movies so I looked at the notification and it was a request to be a friend from the bartender. His name is Josh. Instantly there was a smile on my face.  As soon as I accepted his request, he sent me a message which included his phone number. So then I decided to play a game with him. I sent my phone number with the last digits missing and I told him to find me.

He found me within 30 seconds which kept making me feel like we are made for each other. But I didn’t want to get my expectations so high because I didn’t know anything about him. I was asking him questions about his life; what he does? Where he lives? And the main one, is he in a relationship? We messaged each other all day and I got to know more about him. I was very happy with what I was hearing. I felt like that the day had ended sooner than it should have. On that night we decided to meet, our first date. The date was set for two days later and I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to wait. Patience is a virtue. I learned that in school and have always followed. So I waited and waited and waited…

Keep following my blogs to find out how I would date wise if we did end up going…

Andy xx

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An escort, a girlfriend, a daughter and a sister.

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