The Imitation Of Reality 

A few weeks into our relationship and it was Thursday. We had planned a little date on Friday; just having some fun at the theme park. I had taken a day off from being the escort that I am. After he picked me from my house, he started driving in the opposite direction. I asked him about that and all said was to stay calm and he had something to say and ask me. I was getting nervous thinking that he knows about me; about who I really am. 

He drove to the beach, got out of the car, opened my door, held my hand and went down on his knees. A kind of seriousness on his face that I had not seen before. He asked me a few things about my opinion on our relationship and if I’m happy. Of course I said yes but then he asked me ” do you think you’ll be happy to move in with me “?. I was so overwhelmed and happy. I was blushing and kind of forgot to breathe for a while and passed out. 

As I opened my eyes, I saw his face right above me- grinning at me. Embarrassing! But he didn’t tease me. We were already at the theme park sitting in the car. I forgot all about going to the theme park. Still blushing we got out of the car and started walking towards the entrance. He said I passed out in the middle of talking and he wanted to know my reply. That’s when I remembered I had not yet answered me. I said yes before he could finish talking.

I was over the top joyous and on cloud 9. We had a great day at the theme park, late lunch and then it was time to go back home. As soon as he drove away after dropping me, a kind of sadness surrounded me, not because he had left, but because I could see that he was a great guy and I felt bad lying to him. 

The following day I spoke to my friend about this and he helped me to use a mind difference solution for my problem. He said ” look, I don’t know how to be and expert but you should seperate the escort from Andy(the real you). Leave the escort behind in that apartment you work from and just be Andy. Andy fell in love, not the escort. Andy isn’t hiding anything, the escort is”. I felt better after hearing this and from then I started to think less about the escort in my personal life and more about myself. Yes! I became selfish. I didn’t want to lose the only guy I had feelings for.

Josh I started looking for houses. I was so excited. And then we found the perfect home for us both.

To find out how I (Andy) settled in, please do keep following my blogs.

Xx Andy

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An escort, a girlfriend, a daughter and a sister.

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